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Our passion is to enhance the performance of your wheels.  We understand that your vehicle is your pride and we will assist you to optimize the enjoyment factor of your vehicle. To up the performance on your vehicle, we need to determine your adrenaline requirements vs. budget limitations. Reliability and satisfaction spread our name - tap into our Social Profile on Facebook.


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Engine Conversions Performance Upgrades
We convert vehicles to various new or imported engines that can give your vehicle a new lease of life or increase the performance levels to your satisfaction. Currently the Lexus V8 1UZ, Nissan RB25 and RB26 remain the most popular conversions with our clients.

Your conversion may include:
  • full service on the new engine
  • adaptor plate and clutch modificaitons
  • gearbox replacement/upgrade
  • differential replacement/upgrade
  • radiator pressure test/upgrade
  • engine management integration
  • ensure all existing systems work
  • new exhaust system (also S/Steel)
Our passion is to assist you to enhance the performance of your vehicle. We discuss upgrade options in detail with our clients to ensure that the  upgrades fitted, will suit the initial requirements as best possible.

We can offer you the following upgrade options:
  • Turbo charger installation
  • Turbo charger upgrades
  • Twin Turbo charging
  • Intercooler upgrades
  • Stainless Steel boost pipes
  • Spitronics ECU installation
  • Cylinder modifications
  • CAM modifications
  • Water Methanol Kits

Obviously each upgrade may require additional modifications to your vehicle and we will responsibly point these out, i.e. your bakkie gaining an additional 200+KW from a turbo charged Lexus conversion will simply not be able to stop adequately with standard brakes.

pajero lexus v8 conversion

All workmanship carries a 12 month / 20000km warrentee.

About Us - HOME

The Company
In recent years, the growing number of requests for conversions, performance tuning and enhancements couldn't be turned down, especially as our enthusiastic staff really enjoy taking on the unique challenges these jobs provide. We knew we couldn't let our existing service clients down at
Euro Motor Clinic either. And thus, to meet demand, we subsequently decided to create Outlaw Performance Conversions for our staff and clients alike :)

The Workshop in Pictures
workshop1 workshop2

Meet the people 
Big Cheese: Ferdi
Ferdi is the co-owner and co-founder of Outlaw Performance Conversions

From a yound age Ferdi has had a love afair with 2 strokes and continuously tinkered with them, especially his own high school means of travel... Since 1996 the love afair grew bigger and faster. Today he is assisting clients to chase their dreams by sharing his passion for tweaking.
Big Mac: Francois
Francois is the co-owner and co-founder of Outlaw Performance Conversions

His love for motor vehicles started from a young age when helping his dad fixing up cars at home.  He started his career in the mechanical trade in 1997 and qualified as a motor mechanic from Merseta. To this day he can still burn the mid-night oil to ensure any custom job is completed on time.
ComputerWizz: JP
JP is the Spitronics expert at Outlaw Conversions.

JP's mechanical career kick started at 13 when he mended the lawnmowers of neighbours and friends.  He has been in the trade since leaving school and has grown effection for all electronic systems found in a car. He has attended official instructor led Spitronics training and knows a thing or two on tuning these performance chips on your vehicle.  Electronics is his thing.
Friendly Lady: Anneska
Anneska is the receptionist at Euro Motor Clinic.

Anneska has been with Euro Motor Clinic since 2011 and has become the master of all other things mechanical, including the telephones, ordering, and the dreaded paperwork. 

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Physical Address
28C Willow Road,
Bellville, 7530
Office Telephone: 021-948 3444
Mobile Telephone: 072-222 7788
Office Fax: 021-949 4224

e-mail Office: info@euromotorclinic.co.za